Für das Wochenende vor dem 2. Februar und dieTage darum wird es eine Infrastruktur geben, die hier kurz erklärt werdensoll.

Der Infopunkt – Scharni38, Scharnweberstr. 38

Anlaufstelle für Infos, Material, Hilfe, Angereiste, usw. wird ein Infopunkt sein. Der Infopunkt ist ab Sa, 29.01., 14.00 bis zum Fr, 4.2 ständig besetzt. Er wird euch Rund um die Uhr mit jeglichen Informationen versorgen (über diesen blog, Ticker, Telefon und vor Ort) Ein Infopunkt kann nur funktionieren, wenn er auch Infos bekommt. Also schreibt und sagt uns, was in der Stadt passiert, damit wir es verbreiten können. Wir sind auch nur Menschen und wollen auch mal schlafen. Klar sind wir hellwach, wenn in der Stadt gerade was passiert, egal welche Tageszeit. Für alle möglichen und unmöglichen, sinnvollen und sinnlosen Fragen sind wir furchtbar gerne tagsüber für euch da, am liebsten, wenn es gerade relativ ruhig ist. Wir hoffen aber, dass ihr uns keine Atempause lasst und wir kein Auge zukriegen werden. Lasst es krachen.

Ansonsten gibt es Infotische während der Veranstaltungen des Liebig 14 Antiräumungsfestivals.

Das Infotelefon – 0157 / 872 107 77 und 0176 / 383 413 42

Zeitgleich mit dem Infopunkt ist ein Infotelefon geschaltet. Hier könntihr anrufen und Neuigkeiten melden oder Dinge nachfragen. Auch hier gilt:Das Infotelfon funktioniert nur so gut, wie ihr es nutzt. Vor allem in derNacht und am Morgen zum 02.02. kann es wichtig sein zu wissen, was in und um Friedrichshain und den größeren Zufahrtsstraßen passiert.

Infomail – wba-actionweeks [ät] riseup.net

Der Infopunkt ist auch per Mail zu erreichen. Ihr wollt uns eine Erklärung einer Aktion zukommen lassen? Wir freuen uns und werden sie posten.

Der Infoticker – twitter.com/liebig14

Alle News werden auch über einen Ticker im Internet veröffentlicht. Den Ticker füttert wiederum ihr, und zwar über den Infopunkt, das Infotelefonund die Infomail sowie durch eure Aktionen.

Der Ermittlungsausschuss (EA) – 030 / 69 22222

Der EA kümmert sich bei Festnahmen um die Vermittlung von Rechtsanwält_innen und guckt, ob die Leute auch alle wieder raus kommen.Wenn ihr Festnahmen beobachtet und evtl. die Namen der Festgenommen wisst, ruft bitte beim EA an. Die EA Nummer wird direkt geschaltet sein oder mit einem Anrufbeantworter.

Die Pennplatzbörse – schlafplatzberlin [ät] riseup.net

Für Anreisende ohne Pennplatz wird es eine Pennplatzbörse geben, die perMail zu erreichen ist. Ihr findet uns auch am Infopunkt. Wenn ihr Pennplätze anbieten wollt, schreibt bitte auch an diese Adresse. Bitte gebt an, wie viele Plätze ihr anbietet, wo diese sind, ob ihr evtl. bestimmte Vorlieben habt und wie man euch telefonisch auf jeden Fall erreichen kann (wichtig!). Es werden noch Pennplätze benötigt.

Wichtige Webseiten – liebig14.blogsport.de / wba.blogsport.de /l14soli.blogsport.de / stressfaktor.squat.net

Auf den Webseiten gibt es alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten, Termine, Aufrufeoder Material. Bitte genießt Artikel auf indymedia mit Vorsicht undcheckt, ob ihr die Sachen auch auf den anderen Seiten findet. Input könntihr auch direkt an liebig14 [ät] riseup.net oder wba-internet [ät]riseup.net schicken.


LIEBIG 14 anti-eviction-info

The eviction of Liebig 14 is planned for the 2nd of february, 8.00am.
No way! Massdemonstration or small group actions, this eviction will not
remain unanswered. We offer an infrastructure for the weekend of the 2nd
of february and the approaching days which is explained below.

Infopoint – Scharnweber Straße 38

Contact point for infos, material, help, supporters from abroad etc. is
going to be the infopoint.It will be occupied during the
demonstration(29.01.) and from tuesday (01.02.) 4.00pm till thursday
(03.02)) 4.00pm.
It will offer you all kinds of information (via newsticker, phone and
This infopoint only works if it gets information! So write and tell us
what happens in the city so we can spread the information!

Infophone – 0157 / 872 107 77 & 0176 / 383 413 42

contemporaneous with the infopoint there will be an infophone. You can
call and provide information as well as ask for news. Same here: it’s only
working as well as you use it. Especially during the night and the morning
of the 2nd of february it will be important to know what’s going on in and
around friedrichshain and its access roads.

Infomail – wba-actionweeks[at]riseup.net

You can contact the infopoint via mail as well

Newsticker – http://l14soli.blogsport.de/ & https://twitter.com/liebig14

All news will be postet on a newsticker in the internet.
The news will be provided by you via infopoint, infophone and infomail.

EA / Legalteam – 030 69 22222

The EA helps you in case you get arrested to arrange lawyers and makes
sure that everyone gets out of custody again.
If you watch someone getting arrested, try to get their name and date of
birth and call the EA. You will either catch someone personally or the
answermachine, tell them all information you have.

Sleeping places – schlafplatzberlin[at]riseup.net

For activists from other cities without a sleeping place we provide a pool
of sleeping places which you can contact via mail or infopoint.
If you want to offer sleeping places, please write to this address, naming
the number of places, where they are, what people you would like to stay
there and a contact number over which we can reach you (important!).
We still need sleeping places!

Important websites
liebig14.blogsport.de / wba.blogsport.de / l14soli.blogsport.de /

On this sites you can find all kind of important information, news, dates,
calls and material. Please crosscheck indymedia articles on other pages,
don‘t trust everything you read there. You can also send input directly to
liebig14[at]riseup.net or wba-internet[at]riseup.net

confirmed dates:

17.-30.01. Liebig 14 anti-eviction-festival

22.01. Liebig 14 streetparade, 5pm, Bersarinplatz

27.01. full assembly, 7.30pm, place t.b.a.

29.01. demonstration: „housing projects instead of luxury lofts – defend
liebig 14 – we stay all!“, 3pm, kottbusser tor

02.02. 8.00am announced eviction date, decentral actions all around the city

day X in case of eviction, 7pm, boxhagener platz


Liebig14 – the countdown is on
Let it rip!
The housing project Liebig 14 in Berlin/Friedrichshain is about to be evicted. After the last courtcases in November 2009, there’s nothing to get in the legal way. As expected, round-table discussions and negotiations with politicians turned out to be useless.
In the end, the eviction notice for the 2nd of February came in the end of January 2011 which means that the cops will try to throw inhabitants and their belongings out of the house on this day.
What’s important now is solidarity and determined activism.
This is a call directed to radical affinity groups and individuals, it’s not only about the house itself but especially about the ideas behind this project.
We introduce a concept, explaining it’s means.
decentralized and uncontrollable
We won‘t rely on announced actions but act spontaneously, expensive and uncontrollable.
Our concept against the eviction are decentralized actions.
Announced demonstrations are being isolated by cops, security controls and video surveillance and will not be a bar to the eviction. We decide when, where and how our actions take place, as cloak-and-dagger operation or spontaneously on the streets.
Not-announced actions that could happen all around the city every time are not controllable by cops and therefore less susceptible to repression.
Actionism is our way not to let the events pass without comment but to show that L14 is more than the people living in there.
The attempt to save Liebig 14 by dialogues, negotioations and willingness to compromise failed.
All that’s left is our solidarity and the actionist level.
Initiators of all this shit are the landlords, Edwin Thöne and Suitbert Beulker as well as legal authorities, the senat and cops.
We see the imminent eviction as a result of profit-oriented speculative gentrification in cities, the consequence of the capitalist economic logic of utilization.
We think it’s reasonable to put this capitalist everyday life spokes in its wheel wherever and whenever it’s possible. Not because we want to unleash a revolution in the beginning of february but to show the discreprancy between reality and the„social claim“ which is being preached by berlin’s red-red senat. Or the discreprancy between the right for a living space and the price asked for it. We want to raise awareness, to show and to overcome these contradictions.
We wish for actions referring to the imminent eviction and emphasize the emancipatory claim of the people living in L14. Not because we are better people but because we don‘t want our intentions to be reduced to violent acts and thereby be discredited.
Since militant actions are barely self-explenatory or at least not being understood right in public we think it’s indespensable to exemplify them. This way it’s possible to let small sparks become a fire which is being understood in public as what it is: not random violence and destruction, as it is often called but solidarity with the threatened housing project Liebig 14.
Putting our politics into social discourse should be the aim of our work, also because we think it might help to counteract criminalization and isolation of emancipatory politics.
We should use all forms of communication to bring our ideas of a diffrent society into public discussion, Indymedia and the Interim as well as high-circulation daily newspapers and other mass-media.
Showing solidarity from many diffrent places, no matter in what way will put the eviction into a bigger context and raises the awareness in public.
Gentrification and criticism on criticism
The eviction of Liebig14 is wanted by the state and politics but it’s also part of the gentrification process as the result of capitalist economic logic of utilization. What affects most of the people living in cities is basically the same affecting the people living in Liebig14. Upgrading by refurbishment and modernisation is the first logical step when it comes to make as much profit as possible from a living-space. The consequences are increased rents and displacement of people who are not able or willing to pay them. Resistance against refurbishment, increasing rents, displacement and cultivation is rising and it’s visible in diffrent ways.
We basically support this, but criticise that criticism on restructuring is mostly limited to immediate impact and the own neighbourhood. Thereby yuppies or at least politicians, investors and landlords are made responsable which is short-thought because it ignores the totality of capitalist economic logic of utilization.
Since the process of gentrification is only possible in societies where satisfaction is organized in market and competition mechanisms, comprehensive criticism should not be limited to displacement of people or increasing rents but also attac the capitalist order of society.
The term „gentrification“ is useful to criticise the main features of this capitalist system with a particular problem concearning everyone – paying rent.
„Gated Communities“ and „safety Living“ are the answers presented to the anticipated upcoming social tensions, although it should be clear that problems will neither be shifted nor solved but only exacerbated by that.
For a society without exclusion and constraint
We don‘t know when and where the abolition of nation-statehood, the collectivization of resources and the emancipation of mankind will take place, but we have an idea of how another society could look like and we have no doubt that we have to overcome the status quo in order to reach this goal!As a possibility for left-wing radical criticism of the status quo we see free-spaces where people can try to implement their idea of a society without hierarchy and oppression.
Therefore it’s also necessary to have rooms where it’s possible to meet, organize together and to do networking.
As a free-space we define places where people can exist without being discriminated because of their gender, skincolour, sexual identity etc.
Since those forms of oppression are being reproduced by society in everyday life it’s important to establish and keep places where those mechanisms are being questioned, discussed and reflected and offer the possibility to break out of it.
In our opinion it’s particularly important not only to have those claims and try to implement them but also to give an „output“, means not to build your own little bubble but also intervening in everyday life and society – because there is no right life in a wrong one.
We are aware of the fact that the projects who call themselfs free-spaces often lag behind the claims of this term, therefor we want to explain our point of view:
We use this term to give the utopia of a place without oppression a name, which means we see the term „free-space“ as an ideal condition that we try to achieve but since we all were socialized in a capitalist society with all its forms of oppression we cannot achieve it.
This is why we also use this term to define a place for people who want to establish a free-space.
„to claim“ to us means to deal with supremacy realtionships and to reflect our own position within those.
A place like Liebig 14 also provides the possibility to impliment the principle of self-administration and to live it in a small context.
Also, collective living acts as a contrary to the seperation of individuals in capitalism and as a safe-space for illegalized people.
Repression – business as usual?
We will not accept the loss of such a space! An attack on housingprojects means not only an attack on autonomous structures in berlin, but also an attack on all people who stand behind the ideas of a different, emancipatory society.
Further, we see the threat of Libig 14 as continuation of governmental repression against autonomous structures and individuals.
Evictions, raids and arrests also happen elsewhere. Squats in Erfurt, Haburg, Vienna, Wilhelmshaven, Dresden, Münster, Oldenburg, Magdeburg and Wittenberg got evicted.
The presence of cops in the district of Liebig 14 is incomprehensibly high to residents. Due to this high presence, it is inevitable that cops also freak out from time to time and randomly shoot around, as it recently happened in Berlin and other places.
State and economics are in a mutual relationship – no capitalism works without governmental influence. On the other handside, the state is a protagonist itself in capitalism.
We can only achieve an emancipatory society by abolishing bourgeois society and the capitalist circumstances.
We see repression as a kind of self-preservation strategy of the current authorities. This and the rejection of hierarchical structures in general explains our denial of the bourgeois state and its representatives manifesting in denying demands of politicians to the pleasure over attacks on police stations.
We neither recognize the state as authority nor the politicians as our representatives. We don‘t accept other people to decide where and how we have to live. We are far from a dialogue with the state or placing demands.
We have to implement our concerns in a process of self-organization and with the consensus of all people involved.
In case of eviction of Liebig 14, representatives of judiciary, police and politics will have to take responsability for the consequences and high costs in public.
Social problems caused by this social order cannot be solved by evictions, as well as it cannot irritate our visions of a different society.
We are tired of this state and tis repression since a long time, we are tired of oppression and competition and tired of capitalism and its neoliberal promises.
The eviction of Liebig 14 is not an options for us.
Therefor it’s important to put this topic into a public context and to make clear that „the houses“ are more than the people living inside and that evictions can be a damn expensive issue.
The countdown is on…
Autonomous groups say: we‘ll stay all!
Infophone: (+49)157 87210777 & (+49)176 38341342
E-Mail Infopoint: wba-actionweeks[at]riseup.net
sleeping places: schlafplatzberlin[at]riseup.net

Infophone and Infopoint are occupied during the demonstration on the 29th of January at 3.00 pm on Kottbusser Tor and from this time till friday 4th of February night.

Check for further information or just do it yoursef!