Soliaktion in Kopenhagen

Copenhagen activists fight on the streets in support for Liebig 14

Angered at the news of the eviction of the some 300 protesters took to the streets of copenhagen in a solidarity demonstration. With chants, slogans and revolutionary music people gathered on the fringe of copenhagen inner city and marched towards the german embassy. The police kept watch on the side streets and from the back and front of the demonstration.

The embassy was guarded by police in riot gear and armored vans. Opun arriving protesters attacked the police with bottles and firecrackers trying to reach. The police approached the demonstrators but didn‘t dare to attack directly or arrest anyone. After the standoff the demonstration went back towards the grounds of Jagtvej 69. The former site of Ungdomshuset in copenhagen. On the way protesters smashed windows of some banks.

Even though the demonstration went without direct attacks from six people were arrest for being in the possesion of gas masks, pepperspray and grafiti cans. Only pepperspray is directly illegal in denmark however.